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  1. I know its old but you wouldn't still be holding onto that rear bumper would you? Thanks!
  2. Alright! Update on the horse! Yesterday the rancher called me and let me know that the horse had been found early Monday morning! He said that he was found over near Dynamite Rd... I dont quite know where exactly he means by that but by the sounds of things the horse made quite a treck! Anyway... He is safe and back with his family now
  3. Ok so for those interested just an update on my horse chase! The rancher and I tracked his hoof marks for about 3-4 miles back into the net of washes. We used the dirt bikers and ATV drivers as helpers but eventually lost the tracks after maybe 45 minutes. We returned to the staging area using 413... I gave him my phone number so he could update me if anything happens. I think they are going back with a search team or something as they were returning to the staging area on Bartlett Road on my way out. Ill update this post if I hear any news.
  4. These are great pictures! Thanks again Ryan for leading!
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