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  1. Congratulations!! That is so awesome! Flips flops and shorts all the time sounds fantastic! Enjoy!
  2. Great pics and report. It's crazy how much the trail changes from Jeep to Jeep. Glad it went well for you guys. Benny.
  3. What did the shirt say to the pants? . . . . . . "WHAT'S UP BRITCHES"
  4. I would like to be added to the list for the whole event. Where do folks stay? (camping, RV, hotel, etc.) Thanks.
  5. Like Kevin said, Not a lot of "Wheeling" trails but lots of forest trails/roads. Beautiful area for sure but you will get the rain in August so just prepare for it.
  6. I would love to do this trail. Please add me to the list if there is room. Thanks, Benny
  7. I would like to be added to the list. That is opening day for deer season so if I get drawn for deer I won't be able to make it. Thanks, Benny.
  8. squinko

    Code P0306

    Anyone ever get a check engine light with the Code P0306? OBD scan showed Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected. I took it into the dealer and I lost compression in one cylinder and the head had to be replaced. The part has been on national backorder for months. It's finally in the shop getting a new head and I was told it's a problem with some of the JK's. I haven't found anyone with a 2015 like mine that has had that issue. Curious if anyone else with a JK 2014 and up ever had this problem. It's being fixed under warranty!!
  9. Awesome pics!! This is what RV camping looks like now :)
  10. Awesome I will keep an eye out for the Ducy Ershim info. If your friends ever invite you to the Cracks again tell them you have a lonely friend who lives in Pinetop that needs friends
  11. I really, really want to do the Rubicon trail. Never been but would jump on that trip in a heart beat. Now that we are in Pinetop I will work on exploring the north more for some trips. I would like to get to know the owners of the land where the Cracks (little Moab) are located. I was told it’s mostly private property but there is a group up north that has permission to run the trails. Now I just need to find that group and make some friends
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