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  1. After running around for a couple years we decided to settle down in Pinetop, AZ. Then it was time do some more work on The Mistress. We beefed up the axles and added trusses, C-gussets, front RCV axle shafts, Rear G2 chromemoly axle shafts, Adams driveshafts 1350 rear and 1310 front. Threw in some 5:13 Yukon gears and added 17" Raceline Beadlocks and 37" tires. Got rid of the Rock Slide Engineering sliders (beat the crap out of them and they stopped working) and added Letzroll weld on rock sliders. PSC big bore steering kit, Black Magic Big Brakes, new upgraded ball joints and Currie Anti Rock front sway bar. Added the Metalcloak skid plates, changed the exhaust (hybrid set up) so the exhaust dumps out in front of the rear axle and removed the rear muffler. Added a CB, Midland GMRS radio, HAM radio and an SPOD to run everything. She has Nacho TM5 White/Amber combo lights and I just recently added the 2.5" ADS shocks (Amazing!!). There is a ton of other little things but that is the major stuff going on with The Mistress. Today she is a sassy trailer queen that is just begging for One Tons and Forties! Hmmmmmmmm!!!
  2. My wife named the Jeep. I was always out in the garage working on her and spending way too much money on her. One day my wife Heather came out and said "You spend more time and money on your Jeep than you do me! She is like your Mistress". And that's how she got named!
  3. I had one year to get some work done on it before we took off on our adventure. Started off with a 3.5" Metalcloak lift, 2.0 ADS shocks, Metalcloak fenders, Rock Slide Engineering step sliders, ACE rear bumper and tire carrier, Rock Hard front bumper, Warn winch, 17" Black Rhino wheels and 35" Nitro Ridge Grabblers. She stayed pretty much like this for two years while we traveled full-time in our motorhome. This Jeep has been from Alaska to the Key West Flordia and just about everything in between including a big chunk of western Canada. This is how she looked for awhile!
  4. Not sure if I ever introduced The Mistress to everyone. Back in 2017 I retired and the wife and I decided we were going to travel and live in our motorhome full-time. Something we had been planning for awhile. So the decision was do I keep my 2004 TJ I had at the time or get a JKU so we could have more room. We decided to go with something newer with more room. After searching what seemed like forever I found my 2015 Silver (all my Jeeps have been silver) JKUR at a dealership in Scottsdale. It was two years old then only had 5000 miles on it and was a bone stock Rubicon with 4:10 gears. Got a great deal and drove off with it.
  5. Congratulations!! That is so awesome! Flips flops and shorts all the time sounds fantastic! Enjoy!
  6. Great pics and report. It's crazy how much the trail changes from Jeep to Jeep. Glad it went well for you guys. Benny.
  7. What did the shirt say to the pants? . . . . . . "WHAT'S UP BRITCHES"
  8. I would like to be added to the list for the whole event. Where do folks stay? (camping, RV, hotel, etc.) Thanks.
  9. Like Kevin said, Not a lot of "Wheeling" trails but lots of forest trails/roads. Beautiful area for sure but you will get the rain in August so just prepare for it.
  10. I would love to do this trail. Please add me to the list if there is room. Thanks, Benny
  11. I would like to be added to the list. That is opening day for deer season so if I get drawn for deer I won't be able to make it. Thanks, Benny.
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