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  1. The views were awesome. Thanks for another great run. So happy to find that Mrs Shellback really isn’t a figment of your imagination 🤣 Some Pics from the day.
  2. I didn’t take many photos this time but it was a great run with the walk down to the cabin and spring a definite highlight. Thanks for another great trip!
  3. It was a great run. Thanks for leading it Marty! I believe you down played the bug situation. They were no joke. Thanks for the Buddy shout out. He was a trooper for sure. I’ll add the photos I managed to take, including aforementioned Buddy wiped out from the day.
  4. Home and clean. That’s as far as a we got. Great run. Thanks Marty!
  5. Scrolling through old posts this morning, prepping for new adventures. I often forget I purchased one of these. I usually use mine for breakfast. Premade at home burritos popped in when we hit the trail, flipped about 30 minutes in and ready when it starts to smell good. I had forgotten about the squished pan under, I have just crumpled foil under. I'm not one to want to eat immediately in the morning, so this is a great option for me when I'm ready to eat an hour or so on the road (after the coffee kicks in). I've also put premade meals into the loaf pan for a dinner option. Homemade individual precooked meatloaf, half of a potato and any veggie wrapped separately on top is great. The premade meals theksmith references above work great repackaged into the loaf pans if you don't want to precook meals as well.
  6. MzPriss

    Meet Jack

    I sure hope I got the maneuver that was Rita's demise out of my system!
  7. Jack got a 3.5 inch Metal Cloak lift, Fox 2.0 shocks, Teraflex rzeppa high angle joint, Metal Cloak evap canister and power steering relocation brackets installed. She's ready for a shake down run!
  8. MzPriss

    Meet Jack

    Jack got her lift. 3.5 inch Metal Cloak. Installed by Valley Spring. Went with the Fox 2.0 thanks for the recommendations!
  9. This was such a great trip! Thanks for sharing the video. I see you caught my good side momentarily. 😆
  10. Bumble is a perfect name! Poor Barbie, lost her parking spot already.
  11. MzPriss

    Meet Jack

    Well, I went with the Fox 2.0. Two have arrived, two are stuck in transit. Notification that the lift has shipped. The anticipation is killing me!
  12. MzPriss

    Meet Jack

    Last fall Rita took a little nap on the way home. I was uninjured, but Rita unfortunately didn't make it. So, last week I did a thing and bought Jack. She's a 2017 Rubicon Hardrock. She was 100% stock and 100% a pavement princess when I drove her off the lot. We salvaged everything we could from Rita, including the 35s. Those went on Jack this weekend. They rub in the front when offroad, but on the pavement they are fine. I've ordered the 3.5 Metal Cloak lift for her. It arrives shortly. I believe I've finally decided on the Fox 2.0 shocks....but haven't pulled the trigger. I'm not usually this indecisive. Here is Jack before with her stock shoes and after with Rita's 35s. And, I've had a lot of questions about Jack's name. She named herself on day one. As we drove to get her all I could think of was I was going to need a drink after the dealership hassle....and on the day Rita tipped over I had just purchased a brand new big bottle of Jack that survived the calamity and soothed my injured pride that night, and so she was named before I even drove her home. Looking forward to having her lifted so I can get some more off-road time. I've certainly missed some ORP trips and the dirt therapy. (Extra hands on wrenching days welcome. 🙂 )
  13. I would be interested. My last trip there got cut short due to frigid high winds.
  14. We will be in late tomorrow night to hang by the fire. We can't leave town until at the very earliest 4pm. We'll bring wood. Not camping this year, but don't want to miss any of the fun stories around the campfire that will be retold for years to come.
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