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  1. I would have loved last year's decal on a shirt for Cher's Dad! He would have loved that! This looks awesome though. Great job Ryan!
  2. I'm going to have to skip this one. I sure hope to see you all before the annual event though!
  3. My new ride is living up to her Jeep reputation. Don't even have the real plate on her yet and she got a new serpentine belt today. Good news is, I think I can do it by myself the next time, and have a spare just in case.
  4. Well, if you logged into Facebook occasionally, you would have known.
  5. Please add me to stand by. Sounds like a great inauguration trip for my yet to be named ride. Maybe she will name herself on this one if there is room for us.
  6. Grace took me great places, the new yet to name herself ride will take me further. I'm ready for some new adventures. I haven't hitched up my trailer to her yet, need to get a maiden voyage scheduled to shake her down. Hopefully by the time this Moab trip has a solid schedule, I'll have a deadline for myself to have her ready to roll on something more challenging.
  7. 2014 JKU Sahara. Traded Grace in on her. She's got a little lift (2 inch AEV) and brand new 33s on stock rims. Wide open for mods.....but she's my daily so she has to stay tame.
  8. We did Shafer. Honestly, we were all bored after the first hour, which is after we were certain Cher's Dad was going to kill us on the initial switch backs. We have been several times but in the summer time usually. I've usually planned it out about 4 - 5 months in advance. We have stayed in little cabins in campgrounds and done the VRBO thing. We liked the VRBO thing best, having a garage and a place to take a day off, cook in a real kitchen, etc. I may be interested in the fall of 2022, my new ride should be where I want her to be by then. But first I have to wear out these new tires to justify my first real mod.
  9. I'm going to try my hand at salsa....and pumpkin carving. The only child I'm bringing is my inner one. Oh, and Cher's Dad. I close my eyes a lot when Cher's Dad is driving, maybe we should take a stab at the blindfold nav too.
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