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  1. Prescott average temperature in January is a high of 51° and lows of 22°. A little chilly.
  2. We are down for Burro Creek, driven by many times and always wanted to check it out.
  3. If you were there....you might be in these PHOTOS. Great time, so glad to have met new people. ✌ See you on the trail.
  4. Heads up all....just received this text from @Bradywgn71, they got their rig up there but cell signal is weak....asked we post this info: "....we are in spot 2 (35.13290, -112.11122) Some neighbors but good space still. Need people to block lower area to our right. Open area, lots of space." As for us, some last minute wrenching tonight and then we will be headed up in the morning. See you there.
  5. We are using Vets Best Mosquito Repellent on our dogs. It works in lower mosquito population, but up in the Bighorns they were so thick we ended up inside our tent. Hoping AZ doesn't get that bad after all the rains. Anyway, I believe Petco carries.
  6. Good to know, meant to ask you to check glad you did. Skeeters are bad here in Prescott in the pines. Expecting them...going with a deet can in each holster.
  7. Sounds good will do! Thinking our ZJ roof rack needs a banner. T-Shirts are always needed too. Yes, when in Williams the appropriate attire seems to be camo don't cha'know.
  8. We have our reservation made Thurs to Sun at Buckskin. Only couple spots available per their site. Site 14
  9. Has anyone been to Chaco Culture National Historical Park area? Recently watched a documentary (partially) about the ruins (Robert Redford narrated, honestly his voice put me to sleep). Thinking the better known parks might be packed like the last big eclipse. Just another possibility to check out. https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-news/2023-annular-solar-eclipse-dark-sky-parks/ It's in the Centerline path and eclipse will last 4 mins approximately. We haven't been, but looks like a fascinating place to explore. As far as Jeep trails go...more research needed, quick look at OnX maps and there aren't any trails listed. If we can camp there, it's designated as a 'dark sky' park, so sky gazing/photography overnight would also be cool.
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