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  1. Hey Marty, we need to drop out for a number of reasons. Thanks.
  2. We are becoming the cancel peeps ...totally unintentional.. but with fuel cost and supposed to travel to San Diego following weekend just can't do it all in our highly fuel efficient vehicles right now. Love rockhounding and Payson area too. Have fun!!
  3. We plan on camping too. Just not sure if both Fri and Sat or just Sat. Aiming for 2 nights.
  4. If on Instagram there's ways more... @WJG_JeepLife
  5. Thank you @shellback91 Marty for planning, postponing for better weather and leading this trail. Fun day with everyone along with beautiful AZ scenery. Always looking forward to the next trip with this great group of off-road explorers.
  6. We're up for this.....providing its not $10/gal. Add us please.
  7. IF it picks up dog hair.....I'm sold! Just layering my dust at this point
  8. Thanks @Trail Toy for creating another fun trail day out on AZ dirt! Great group, nice to see familiar faces again and meet new. Long day for us but totally worth it. Here is a LINK to our photos. See ya next time Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  9. Welcome first of all, look forward to meeting you tomorrow. You're in good hands with this group AND it's a Jeep it's meant for this We are running without skids plates too and we've run far more rough trails than this, but it's on the list as we grow our Jeeps and skills. Jason is a good leader, we stop anytime someone needs to and I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to spot ya if needed. Expect to grinning all day!
  10. Huge shout out to @Trail Toy and @Large_Marge for organizing and leading us all on Schnebly Hill, much appreciated! We had a great time driving, sightseeing and making new off-road friends. Thank you to @AZRNintheJeep242 for being Tail Gunner as he earned another Jeep Trail Badge of Honor. Click HERE to view our photos, looking forward to seeing everyone else's as well. Man what a beautiful day it was. See you on trail!
  11. Just finished up our before trail vehicle inspection...heading to store for trail grub and some of that super expensive Jeep go liquid. See you there......safe travels to all!
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