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  1. If you have a torch, vice and a hammer you can bend it yourself. Put the material in a vice heat the area just above the vice jaws until red hot then gently persuade the steel to bend with the hammer.
  2. Thinking about buying this. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/3016992576.html
  3. Did a bit of editing for the new product I developed for these Frontiers. Bumper Mouth Bracket holds lights in the bumper mouth. Clicky Clicky
  4. A guy around the corner from me just got one of those and got it running. It a tan machine with the graphics on the bottom that say Cherokee Chief, kind of unique among all the thousands of the Cherokees you see day to day.
  5. Mitsubishi Montero/Dodge Raider Isuzu Trooper or Rodeo Any of the Toyota or Nissan trucks mentioned earlier. 1st Gen Nissan Pathfinder Suzuki Vitara/Chevy Trackers can look awesome when built up and are capable. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/2670403897.html Suzuki Sami
  6. Sunny, As stated over at thenewX, if this thing falls through Xoskel will hook you up. $100 off next purchase or I have a Bumper Mouth Bracket with lights and a www.otrattw.com switch. (I have to order the switch so let me know what color if thats what you want)
  7. You might be interested in what I have got my hand on today. I have already developed my first product on it and am ready to move on to more. Future products include, but not limited to, light cage, full replacement roof rack, bumper mouth bracket to mount lights in the bumper mouth, rock sliders, rear bumper, front bumper and a bed rack to mount either a RTT to or another roof rack.
  8. Was great being out there. Perfect clean up weather. Working on some pics.
  9. fangars

    Website down?

  10. Everyone should go to Chaco Canyon at least once, of course once that happens the second time will be assured. My wife and I have gone 3 times thus far and plan to return. There is more then just the what you will see in the canyon itself, there are hikes to nearby outliers and other outliers that have potentially interesting drives to and from depending on the weather. If the roads are washed out by the rains the trek can be a serious undertaking to the outliers. My wife and I ventured forth alone in the muddy washed out roads of that area against our own better judgement. If the rains come, and September is a good month for rain in that area it will be all the better in my opinion, as they are often short lived and bring out all the wild life and the colors. September is the best month for Chaco Canyon, everything is green and all the blossoms are out, temperatures are perfect, and the wildlife is still out and about. You could spend 7 days at this one area easily and still have more to explore some other day. Nearby places are the Bisti Badlands and Angels Peak, great subjects for photographers. I have never been to Ute Mountain Park ruins but I have been to the nearby Canyon of the Ancients and Hovenweep. The people who go on this trip who have never been will find themselves returning.
  11. Thats a cool pic, I've only been there since the new one was built. This is the only time of year I have not been lucky enough to be there, would love some monsoon storm images of that area. Everytime I have gone out there I have seen Gila Monsters or some other kind of interesting wild life, unfortunately a lot of dangerous drivers as well. Most of them come speeding around blind corners on the wrong side of the road.
  12. Killer pic! PM me your address I will send you some Xoskel Glare Shields. As long as this sponsorship deal is valid I would like to offer the same price for this months winner as long as there are 5 or more entries. I will not be in next months so everyone get your pics entered.
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