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  1. There is going to be a change of plans for some of the rear work, lets just say I hate shops that don't keep in touch or return calls. My money goes to those who treat their customers right. But on the plus side I will be going to adjustable ADS shocks, next time home should be great.
  2. Interior has a lot of custom wood work, aluminum work, wiring, etc, etc. lol. Cage is RockHard modified for a Niner. Center switch panel full custom aluminum and wood. Custom built interior winch controls. Upper blue LED all custom. CB and HAM mount custom. Rear cargo area: All mounted to a wood deck secured through the body. Two craftsman fender boxes. Aluminum battery box. Aluminum switch box, modified. Axle and fluid storage box all custom made and hinged. Top of axle box is all custom drilled aluminum tie down system. Puma Air compressor modified to fit in smaller area, now two piece. Upper custom wood deck to mount max axe, saw, possible sub and random tools. Fire extinguisher mount uses previous spare tire bump pad location. Heavy duty power inverter. Storage for side table made out of heavy duty cutting board. And I know I am forgetting some. Need to get all my facebook posts and pictures together to do a full write up.
  3. Thanks, wait till you hear her. Yeah I have disappeared from most of the boards since I can't play on my down time at work, but hoping to get back into things as the Jeep is almost trail worthy again. Miss everyone.
  4. Done a lot of upgrades to the bike in the year I have owned it, again need to do a build thread when I have time. But she has gotten- new lighting, new top box, additional pelican case behind license plate, custom flag mounts, new heated seat, Garmin GPS, usb charging station, new battery, adventure badging, tank bag, cup holder, air horn, and cleaned up wiring. Oh yeah, I will also be riding all the way to Prudhoe Bay summer of 2017.
  5. With not having internet service at my new camp I have really been slacking on doing updates, home time has been very little and busy the last 6 months. I promise to do some updates this summer while the temps are high and the AC feels good, lol. Engine reinstall went fairly smooth, a couple kinks but we got her roaring and through the break in period. She has tons more power and the old school muscle car lope, she was always a head turner but now she really draws the attention. After the the engine and tranny work Bill and I dove into the cargo area build and finally finishing wiring all the lighting, interior is probably 90% or better done. She is heading to FlyNHi this week to get custom rear springs, rooftop tent mount fabbed, rear track bar relocated and suspension tuning. Some quick teasers.
  6. Riding Copilot with Jeremy from Fly-N-Hi this weekend, couldn't be happier for this opportunity. http://www.werocklive.com/events/dirt-riot-national-rampage-3/
  7. Amazing class, I took it back in March and plan on taking more classes with NOLS.
  8. Woo Hoo, perfect place for a gift certificate for me. Wish I could have been there, but we finally fired up the engine and broke in the new cam shaft on Sunday afternoon....I think this is the closest a man can come to child birth, scary and exhilarating at the same time.
  9. Nice, they are a great addition to this setup. Bump, would still like to move this.
  10. Sorry, been a weird hitch and just logging on. Bill won't be coming, but he will be there when the Jeep is done and ready for a run.

    Next Jeep

    My Hellcat will be the Challenger or Charger, next Jeep will be one of the pickups if the put a better engine in it than the JKs.
  12. Bump, I will be back home in a week and would love to move this to help counter some of the engine build.
  13. Still waiting on the engine to get back from the shop, had delays due to wrong parts from vendors. Transmissiin is completely rebuilt, Durango gear box and a new pitman arm installed, brakes flushed and some repairs made, hopefully ebrake fixed this weekend. Thank God for great neighbors who are working on her even while I am at work, have caught a lot of stuff missed by the shop and there have been some real head shakers we have found. Hopefully have her fired up and knocking miles off the break in period in the next two weeks.
  14. Looks like I won't be coming, the transmission is rebuilt and ready but the motor won't be done until next week and I leave for work today. Hope everyone has a great time.
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