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  1. I have the Rugged Ridge. It’s not great - my phone pops out of it randomly. I had to add a silicone strap to keep it secure.
  2. According to this they’re part of an aftermarket top https://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f12/yj-mucket-seal-850410/
  3. "nearly 1/16" further inset on the right side" That's why belt sanders and veneer exist
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/H692RsJEJ7XQ8kxn2
  5. Most ransomware requires some action from you like opening an email attachment or downloading something from a shady website. The recent incident with wannacry spreads using a defect in Windows that was discovered by the NSA and stolen and repurposed by clever criminals. You can improve your security by enabling Windows firewall, enabling automatic updates and using one (or more) antivirus apps. I say "or more" because they don't all detect everything. Make sure you make regular backups and know how to restore them (backblaze is good)
  6. pano: https://content-na.drive.amazonaws.com/cdproxy/templink/6bfD5eg5kSz-v5khp_V4SSC5KapAsxMb_gcOkXWglTIE0Xnc3?viewBox=2560
  7. A little noise reduction on the shadow to eliminate the bright spots
  8. MotionX and Topo Maps which let's you use the USGS maps.
  9. I use an iPad with the Bad Elf gps. I tried one of the Bluetooth gps units, but it wouldn't stay connected to the iPad reliably. The only issue I have is that you have to make sure you download enough map detail before you leave ( or wander around trying to find a signal)
  10. Adventure Trailers has a couple replacement tops for the JK that are accessible from inside. http://www.adventuretrailers.com/camper.html
  11. It is legal, but you're liable if it fails. http://www.tirereview.com/article/86571/court_verdict_will_forever_shine_bright_light_on_tire_repair_practices.aspx
  12. "They must have done something illegal to get arrested..."
  13. You don't have to accept their offer. I just went through this with my insurance. They wanted to write off my Jeep because they use very unrealistic valuations. If you haven't already, you should compile a sample of replacement vehicles currently for sale and show them what they'll need to pay. After that you request arbitration and if you're still not whole you can file a civil suit against the driver and/or the vehicle's registered owner.
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    From the album: Busted

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    From the album: Busted

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    From the album: Busted

  17. The BRC did a presentation at the last event I attended: http://www.sharetrails.org/about/history The environmental action groups have better funding and political advocacy. "We" don't show up for public hearings like this: http://www.sharetrails.org/alerts/2011/10/28/arizona---blm---havasu-travel-management-planning-update-public-meeting-scheduled The BLM is conducting an environmental impact assessment in Mojave that could close access to parts of the Mojave Road and most of the western end of the park. The OHV users tend not to respond during the public comments phase.
  18. I've driven up that hill. It's not too bad with lockers, but it's entirely possible to remove most of the paint and fenders from the driver's side of your vehicle -
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