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    1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ
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    Gilbert, AZ

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    Married 55 yr old. Mostly wheel by myself and my pup Louie when the wife allows :) Enjoy anything outdoors but mostly 4x4ing and Camping. Wanting to get out more and explore AZ. Interested in doing some over night trips as well.

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  1. Made it home myself with out issues. Finished unloading the TJ an hour ago. I took the Leaf Blower and blew out the interior! The dust was ridiculous! Us older rigs didn't come with the luxury of Cabin Filters. Anyway,well worth it. I had a blast of a weekend and wanted to thank everyone for having me and Louie along. Another great weekend with great folks and great views. Thanks everyone for putting up with Louie. Hes all Bark and no bite but his under bite can be little intimidating Really appreciate @shellback91 for all the pre-work putting the trip together. Still trying to learn how to use my Nav to pre-plan myself but I'm sure it takes alot of work putting the file together. Anyway, made for a relaxed weekend on my part just following his lead without a care in world. Will be on the look out for more over night trips in the future. Was nice to meet you @cullen McCarthy, heck of a nice rig you got going for you. With 35's it should be unstoppable. @MyNr1, glad we were able to get the sway bar issue resolved. Like Cullen, I was more worried about your drive home on Highway 87 more then anything. As always, great hanging out with @Trail Toy & @Large_Marge. Apologize for not taking part in the Apples and caramel around the camp fire but to be honest, was completely exhausted and the two beers did me in. LOL. Anyway, always fun and laughs when hanging out with you two. Thanks again Everyone!
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone and give a little feedback to others who are new on Off Road Passport. It was my first time out with Off Road Passport members and I was a bit timid since I have never done this kinda of "Internet Wheelin Meetup thing" but it turned great! A great group to hang out with and really looking forward to more opportunities to hang out and Wheel with these good folks. Already signed up for a couple more trips I've have never been out to Usery Pass and was really surprised just how clean and beautiful the area was and not that far from home! @WILL EDid a great job of making sure we all felt relaxed while leading the group and was even nice enough to cook up some lunch snacks for everyone. @Large_Marge Showed us all how well a Full Size Tundra could navigate the trails with confidence and @Stacey and Scott safely brought up the rear and took the time to take pictures on the trail. Really enjoyed the conversations and sharing experiences with these folks just as much as the "wheelin" itself. Thanks Everyone. Great way to spend the Sat morning and looking forward to seeing you folks out on the trail !
  3. Just signed up with Off Road Passport. Please add me to the list. I went ahead and bought my permit per your instructions. Thanks Ken F
  4. Hello everyone. Wanting to sign up for this but COMPLETLY new to ORP.....
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