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    Married 55 yr old. Mostly wheel by myself and my pup Louie when the wife allows :) Enjoy anything outdoors but mostly 4x4ing and Camping. Wanting to get out more and explore AZ. Interested in doing some over night trips as well.

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  1. Marty, please pull me off the stand by list. Gonna be helping my son move to Austin.
  2. Marty, looks like i am in Oregon for business on the 4th so please take me off the Stand By list......
  3. Really looking forward to seeing this trip come together. To be safe I am locking in my vacation time as a place holder just in case March should give me plenty of time to build up my "new to me" Reg Cab 4x4 2012 Tacoma. Thinking a 2 in lift and a set of 31's along with a camper shell for the full size bed to be able to set up cam easily.
  4. Interesting bit of Info I found on the Net about the Circle of Eight. "In 1896 surveyor and soldier David D. Gaillard reported that "an entire Mexican family of six or eight persons" had the calamity of its glass demijohn of water breaking about eight miles east of Tinajas Altas; all perished and the site is now commonly known as the Grave of Eight. "The wagon tracks made when the [unfortunate] Mexican drove his exhausted team to one side of the road, were plainly visible thirty years afterward...."
  5. LOL..... I hope so cuz I literally stumbled over it
  6. Grave at Tulle Wells that I literally stumbled upon right next to the road.
  7. I was wanting to camp at Tinijas Altas again some time by myself....... but knowing the top is referred to as "Mesa De Muerte"..... not sure now It was a beautiful campsite none the less with wide view across the desert. Added some pictures of our campsite on the 2nd day.
  8. Made it home safe as well. Thanks again for putting this together for all of us..... and thank you to all that went. Great bunch of people and a great weekend! Definitely adding Dogtown Lake to my list of future camp sites! Thank again, Ken
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