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    Married 55 yr old. Mostly wheel by myself and my pup Louie when the wife allows :) Enjoy anything outdoors but mostly 4x4ing and Camping. Wanting to get out more and explore AZ. Interested in doing some over night trips as well.

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  1. Embarrassing.... just checked my Bank Account and it looks like I created an account to send the money thru Zelle but never actually did. So, I just sent 2 minutes ago.
  2. Please add me to the Stand By List. Finally finished fixing my blown head gasket
  3. Looking forward to joining and being able to pay my respects. Thanks for bringing this volunteer event to everyone's attention. I will be there around 4:00PM or 5:00PM.
  4. Sadly, I just found out that I will be going out to NM for work the 1st three weeks of May Not gonna be able to make this trip unfortunately.
  5. Thanks Jason, really nice trail. A little technical and the views across the valley made it even more enjoyable.
  6. Jason, sorry but have to cancel...... turns out my wife had bought PHX Rising Tickets for this Sat.
  7. Another great run with Jason leading the trail. Was nice meeting some new faces and as always, good to see the old faces Thanks everyone for a nice Sat morning get together !
  8. OMG.... look at the CAD Machine work.... = $ !!!!!
  9. Thank you everyone. Had a really nice Saturday as always with the Off Road Passport folks. Relatively mild trail but we managed to keep it interesting having to drag Nicks truck sideways on top of the hill. Luckily Glen was in the perfect spot to use his winch I have to say it was really nice seeing new faces and hope to wheel with everyone again real soon!
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